Medicare Set Aside (MSA)

Protecting Medicare & Protecting Your Interests

The Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) laws place significant responsibilities on all parties in Workers’ Compensation and Third Party Liability cases for protecting Medicare’s Interest where those cases include future medical expense.

Our Strategy for Positive Results

The recommended method to protect Medicare’s interest is a Medicare Set Aside Arrangement (MSA), which allocates a portion of the settlement for appropriate future medical expenses.  The amount of the MSA is determined on a case-by-case basis and may be elected to be submitted for review by CMS, when applicable. If submitted, once CMS determines that a set aside amount is exhausted and an accurate accounting is provided to CMS, Medicare will agree to primary pay for future Medicare covered expenses related to the illness/injury.

Sounds simple, but in reality, it can be all but simple. The complexity of medical issues within many claims requires a discerning eye to properly sort related and unrelated medical diagnoses and care, and to evaluate Medicare covered and Non-Medicare covered care.

Our goal, simply put, is to protect Medicare and protect you.

Our Process: 

  1. Assess the case upon receipt
  2. Consult with the referral team
  3. Prepare a MSA that accurately portrays Medicare covered and related future medical expenses and Non-Medicare covered and unrelated future medical expenses.

Our Medicare Set Asides are completed start to finish by certified Medicare Set Aside Consultants to ensure  the most accurate results.

Engage an Expert Today

We specialize in complex and catastrophic medical claim reviews for the purposes of developing case closure, settlement strategies and developing future medical care required as well as projecting the value of that care. We assist with obtaining experts and attend mediations, medical depositions and trials.