Case Reviews

A Better Strategy Yields Better Results

Our team provides expert advice to assist in managing incident and injury exposures, identifying associated cost and solutions. We provide case by case consulting, auditing, and organizational reviews.

Our Services

  • Medical Case Review
  • Catastrophic and Complex Claims Review
  • Legal Nurse Consulting


Nursing Case Review

In our case reviews, we excel at identifying the key factors that impact strategy development and outcome.  Our team brings diverse experience to the table when reviewing your case.

We review:

  • General Liability
  • Auto Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Medical Malpractice

We can assist you with the following:

  • Screen Medical Related Cases for Merit, Causation, Contributing Factors and Damages
  • Provide Comprehensive Case Evaluation Strategies
  • Evaluate for Tampering within the Record
  • Research Medical-related Cases
  • Identify Applicable Standards of Care and Evaluate Case for Deviations
  • Identify and/or Assist with Obtaining Case Appropriate Medical Specialist/Experts
  • Assist with Development of interrogatories and/or deposition questions


Catastrophic and Complex Claims Review

We review catastrophic and complex claims as well as those “old dog” claims in light of evidence based medical criteria. We then develop a strategy for medical management of the claim that will optimize rehabilitation outcome, mitigate the loss and promote an optimal resolution.

Cases for review include:

  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Multiple Diagnoses Cases
  • Failed Surgical Outcomes
  • Cases involving long term pain management
  • Cases with extensive prescription medications
  • Cases involving complex co-morbid conditions
  • Cases with long-term disability and/or SSDI
  • Any case your gut tells you “something just isn’t right here”.


What types of services might be utilized in a strategic plan?

After initial review we provide you with an assessment of the claim as well as a plan to help mitigate the case with an eye toward moving it to resolution.

Plans may include:

  • Conducting a Medication Review
  • Strategic Expert Evidence Based Peer Review
  • Expert Radiological Review
  • Strategic Consult with Treating Providers
  • Utilization Review of Durable Medical Equipment

We are familiar with multi-venue differences and issues in Liability and Workers’ Compensation laws and have experience in all fifty states. We will work closely with the claim management team and assigned legal counsel to assist you in obtaining an optimal resolution on your toughest cases. We work with you to calculate your current cost, cost of plan implementation and return on investment.

In applicable cases, we will help to position the claim prior to your obtaining a Life Care Plan or Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement, in order to promote the most appropriate long-term assessment of ongoing care. When appropriate we can also provide you with a Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement on a given case or conduct a review of a proposed Life Care Plan.

Engage an Expert Today

We specialize in complex and catastrophic medical claim reviews for the purposes of developing case closure, settlement strategies and developing future medical care required as well as projecting the value of that care. We assist with obtaining experts and attend mediations, medical depositions and trials.