Medical Cost Projection

Plan Ahead to Contain Costs

A Medical Cost Projection is an easy to use document that projects future medical needs and costs.  Our Medical Cost Projections involve an analysis of the current treatment regimen in light of evidence-based guidelines and published standards of practice.  We look closely at the medical records in order to take into account any co-morbid and pre-existing conditions.  We analyze how these conditions may impact life expectancy or treatment and identify any treatment unrelated to or exacerbated by the injury/illness. Our medical cost projections are completed from start to finish by highly trained staff all of which are certified and licensed in related fields.  The costs can be calculated using either workers compensation fee schedule, or usual and customary pricing.

Benefits of Medical Cost Projections

Some beneficial uses for Medical Cost Projections include:

  • Vehicle for Protecting Medicare’s Interest in an Appropriate Case or Claim
  • Reserve Setting
  • Mediation Tool
  • Settlement Authority and Negotiation
  • Claim Management and Cost Containment
  • Identification of Over or Under-utilization of Medical Treatment
  • Determining Value Prior to Medicare Eligibility


A Medical Cost Projection is an excellent resource for assessing the medical value of the case and is beneficial any time the medical portion of the case/claim is a driving force in reaching a successful resolution.

Engage an Expert Today

We specialize in complex and catastrophic medical claim reviews for the purposes of developing case closure, settlement strategies and developing future medical care required as well as projecting the value of that care. We assist with obtaining experts and attend mediations, medical depositions and trials.